With such volatility in the FX markets, it is more important for you or your business to protect your cashflow.

  • Understand

    Identify your business objectives and allow us to understand your needs and risk appetite. Our process is built on developing an in-depth knowledge of your business so we can identify the currency risks you face.

  • Strategy

    We will select the right tools and present how you can protect your profit. Our solutions are designed to work within your budgeted rates and goals.

  • Execute

    Execute the trades and ensure you lock in your profits. Over the time of your forward contracts, we will help you assess and evaluate the ever changing markets in preparation for any further contracts you may need.


Your money spans the globe

When you need to send funds abroad swiftly and securely, you want a service that’s also competitively priced and stress-free. Our expertise and experience make us the natural first choice for handling your money.


FX hedging tools for your business

Our hedging options will help take advantage of any market moves and help protect your bottom line.

Fixed forward contracts

Lock in a currency rate for up to 5 years. The contract is completed for the total amount of the contract on a specified date.

Window forward contracts

The flexibility to lock in a rate and use it during that given time frame specified. Window forwards will allow you to draw down against the original amount purchased.

Working orders

Capitalise on favourable market rates movements 24 hours a day. If the market moves to your desired rate, the trade is auto executed allowing you to lock in gains.

Any questions?

Should you need advice or wish to find out more about our international payment solutions, please give us a call or send us a message via our contact form and we’d be delighted to speak with you.